LiteMere Hosting

Litemere is a revolutionary hosting platform located in the USA with its servers located in New York, USA, and Finland, Europe. Founded and owned by Chad William, a visionary dedicated to providing high-quality hosting services to everyone at an affordable price domestically and internationally.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best service with a personalized experience. Hosting with Litemere has its uniqueness and the goal is to ensure you are fully aware and feel good about choosing Litemere hosting.

We render the best hosting services.

We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the hosting you need to move forward.

Chad Williams, Age 32 – Owner of LiteMere Hosting

I started LiteMere Hosting because many  internationally (particularly South East Asia and Africa) do not have access to quality and affordable hosting. As a top member of a WordPress Technical Website, I have the opportunity to meet many internationally.

Many of the persons I encounter online are highly proficient in web development and short on resources and not able to obtain hosting. This is why I started LiteMere WordPress Hosting…